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Limestone Concept, Inc. is the unique hand stone carving shop in Los Angeles. We carve fireplaces, fountains or any master pieces.

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We have the expertise to provide the best hand stone carving in the traditional European way. From your own ideas, pictures or designs, we at Limestone Concept, Inc. are dedicated to creating and carving any fireplace or fountain to your complete satisfaction.

Limestone is formed by the compression of skeletons, shells, mollusks and other living sea creatures over a period of millions of years. Most limestone cut for buildings or ornamental pieces are of a softer grade and about 15 millions years old. The limestone used for flooring tile is the hardest grade of limestone and may be 180 millions years old.

Limestone quarries cut big blocks of the stone which in return are cut to slabs, then cut to sizes end then pieces which are carved by artisans.