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Valcucine was founded in 1980 and it immediately stood out on the market due to its refined products in terms of design and quality. In just a few years, the Valcucine has become a reference point for the kitchen sector, mainly because of its efforts to harmonize the aesthetic lines of its kitchens with the most advanced technologies, sourcing increasingly innovative solutions and manufacturing products having the lowest possible impact on the environment, without forsaking functionality, ergonomics and safety.

The comeback of handicraft workmanship

The duration of a kitchen does not always depend on its physical and technical qualities. Sometimes the decision to replace it is determined by purely aesthetic factors and it is common to see products discarded although technically valid just because they are "out-of-fashion". How is it possible to design a product that can last longer from an aesthetic viewpoint? Perhaps one must try to understand fashion trends. Nevertheless, if the entire project is based on the search for a fashionable product, it will soon be replaced by a new fashion. In this case it is necessary to understand whether there are elements that can last in spite of fashion. Only if the shape becomes an instrument that represents ethical reflections or deep philosophical concepts can it overcome a mere aesthetic or taste evaluation and take on contents and concepts having a complex cognitive experience.