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No other mattress on the market takes people’s specific differences into account like the DUX bed.

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West Hollywood, CA, 90048
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The cornerstone of the DUX® philosophy is our commitment to bringing the most technologically advanced beds onto the market. Every aspect of the DUX bed is a direct result of extensive scientific research and testing. Due to this commitment to improving life through better sleep, DUX remains at the forefront of the bedding industry, aiming to set the standards by which all others are judged.

A compression simulator is used to test different areas of the DUX bed for pressure against the body. We also test other beds to see how we measure up; so far there’s no contest! The pressure against the body in a DUX bed is not only lower, but also more evenly distributed.

We also put our beds through rigorous tests to ensure their performance over time. Fingal, (pictured below) our exclusive 250 lb. wooden dummy, continuously tests beds directly from production. Fingal rolls back and forth on the bed for a period of 24 hours a day over seven days, or approximately 600,000 times. That is the equivalent of roughly 30 years of use or about 3 to 4 times the effective life of most beds on the market.

The pine trees we use for the frames of the DUX bed grow in the Northern part of Sweden. With extremely harsh winters the trees grow very slowly, as evidenced by the tightly spaced growth rings. This characteristic makes it one of the strongest pines in the world.